Frequently Asked Questions

Who sells you their house?

  • People who may not be in position financially to repair their property
  • People who may simply not want to do the repairs needed
  • People who may be behind on payments and/or facing foreclosure – We can help!
  • People who may be moving to a new location
  • People who are ready to sell their old rental property
  • People who may have some terrible tenants – We will buy with them in it and take away your headache!
  • People who may be going through a divorce and need to sell their property
  • There are many different reasons why you may be looking to sell and we can help give you the guidance needed in selling your house.

Why should I sell my house to you?

  • Because we strive to give you the best cash offer on your home.
  • We are not a big company. We do not have as much overhead. This way we can give you a fair cash offer
  • We are here to make your life easy and headache free while making sure you get the money you need for your house

How fast until the money is in my pocket?

  • As soon as clear title is back, we can close. (3-5 days)
  • Facing Foreclosure? Do you have your loan payoff? (3-7 days)
  • Facing Foreclosure and haven’t done anything? Contact me ASAP
  • It will only take longer if there are Title issues
  • Don’t worry, we can solve almost any Title issues

How do you determine what your offer will be?

  • The condition of the house is obviously the main factor
  • Determining what repairs are needed
  • Determining the time period it will take to do the repairs
  • We will pull the comparable sold properties in the surrounding area

Do I have to pay for anything?

  • No! we will pay for your closing costs
  • No commissions!
  • Net the offer amount! (minus taxes)

Whats next?

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