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We buy houses san antonio tx: how to sell your house fast for cash in its as is condition

I wanted to talk about a few things and bring as much value to you the seller as I can in this article. Sometimes bad situations happen to good people. This actually happens more often than it should and some people need more solutions to help them in their time of need.  So in this post I decided to talk about the types of solutions that can help someone that is put into a situation where you need to sell your house fast or in its as in condition. Then provide one of the solutions and at the end to see if we can help because we buy houses San Antonio TX.

So there are countless situations that happen that put a homeowner in a situation where they are either stuck with a property they don’t want or where they need to sell it fast. These situations include:

  • Foreclosure
  • Fire Damage
  • Inheritance
  • Job Loss
  • Job Transfer
  • Water Damage
  • Wind Damage
  • Divorce
  • Vacant Property
  • Bad Tenants
  • Relocation
  • … and many more

As you can see just by a small list, so many different situations can make homeowners want to sell fast or as is in San Antonio TX. Usually they want both. Now some people just fall victim and never know about solutions to help them out. So let’s talk about these solutions and the pros and cons of each. You need to understand before you make a decision.

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Decision Time.




Let’s start with what many think is the only option which is using a real estate agent. First things first when your thinking about this. You want to make sure that you have a good agent that isn’t all talk and no action. To be honest you can’t really go by too much here. Maybe look for reviews online if you could find any and then just interview them to see how they will shop your house to the market. Talk to at least 4 agents before deciding on one you would like to choose.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of using an agent and if it will fit for you. So to start only use an agent if you don’t need to sell your house fast. When putting your house on the market it is really unpredictable and you don’t know how long it will stay on the market or if it sells at all. Here is great article about how much time it takes to sell a house click here. Broken promises are a theme when it comes to dealing with agents so just know that it does take time and there are things that can pop up when going through a traditional sale. They might ask you to fix up the property so that it can be sold to a retail buyer. You also have to deal with homebuyers that are using banks so the banks are another factor. Finally you have to pay commission and usually closing costs. But the bright side and pro to all of this is simple. Your more likely to get top dollar for your property and don’t have to do any real work to sell it.

Next let’s take a look at what most attempt but fail miserably. I’m talking about doing a For Sale By Owner. The tools that are at your disposal now in the technology age makes it easier for you to sell you house by yourself. This is a great thing and actually has worked for people. So what pros and cons are there and is it right for you.

Well first of all, a for sale by owner just means your selling your house yourself. You take your property and market it online and offline to see if you can find a buyer. The pros to this is no commissions paid to the real estate agent. Also you might be able to sell it in its as is condition, however when selling to a person looking to live in the property they are not likely to buy a house that needs repairs. Not many people want to pay for something they have to fix. Once again we come to the point where if your looking to sell fast and as is this might not be the best solution. If you do have time to sell the property however and your looking to squeeze out more money from the transaction then this could be a good choice for you.

So how do you sell your property by yourself? Well for the most part the easiest thing you can do is put a for sale by owner sign in the front yard and hope a neighbor sees it and knows someone or buys themselves. Then there are a lot of online methods that we can speak of but for now lets talk about probably the easiest thing to do, not to mention free.

Craigslist is going to be your best friend and a simple post online could make you a sale if your consistently posting everyday until its sold. Even once a week will be enough. But be prepared to do this until its sold which as stated above you really don’t know how long. If the property is vacant you could hire a management company and have them rent the property out for you, just make sure the numbers make sense and your actually making money each month on the property and not losing money.

So this last method is where we come in and help. We buy houses San Antonio tx is our motto and we do one thing that differentiates us from the other methods. We buy houses fast and we buy houses for cash. Because we have the capital or our partners have the capital to use cash. This allows us to close on your time frame and since we plan on fixing it up you don’t have to worry about any repairs.

Now what’s the catch? There has to be a catch right? Well there is a catch when it comes to selling to an investor who pays cash and closes fast. You see, when your selling with a real estate agent or doing a for sale by owner you have to wait in line to sell your house. Shopping your property will allow you to find someone who will find your property as a perfect match for them and you will get more for it. But if your looking to cut in front of the line and sell your house fast you need to sell it at a discount. You need to look at a couple of things here and they pertain to all of the ways listed on how to sell your house. First you need to be realistic. Now what do I mean about that? Well, when was the last time the house was updated? Many people have an outdated home and expect to get market value for it. Market value is one thing, but what an actual person will pay for your house is a completely different story. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you pay top dollar for an older looking home? Or would you want a house that looks like its move in ready? Next you want to look at the repairs needed and the cost plus the time and effort it takes. You can’t tell a person moving in that your plumbing is messed up and that you got an appraisal and its X amount of dollars. Of course they will worry because they are the ones taking all the risk. How many times has a repair costed more than you previously thought. What a headache repairs can be. So look at everything in your house and think to yourself, is it move in ready. If it’s not then usually you are going to need to sell to an investor. So now that you understand the risk an investor takes plus the fact that your cutting in front of the line and getting to sell it fast, you’ll understand that your not going to sell your house to an investor for market value.

So how much can you sell your house to an investor? Well that all matters on a few variables and we’ll go over a few. First you have to consider your area and if it’s a nicer area or not. Are the neighbors taking care of their homes? Are houses in your neighborhood taking a very long time to sell? Then you take into consideration how much the repairs costs and realize that investors have experience and that they need some “cushion” in case repairs cost more (they almost always do). Lastly we’ll just talk about one last thing and that’s the risk of the house not selling for a long time. Even after the house is fixed up they don’t know how long it will be on the market. So put this into consideration when getting an all cash offer for your house.

The pros to selling to a we buy houses San Antonio TX investor is that they will close on your time frame. You don’t have to worry about repairs and can sell it in its as is condition. Finally it will be an all cash transaction so you don’t have to worry about the deal falling apart (if you work with seasoned investors). You get to move on with your life and don’t have to worry about that headache anymore. Now the cons are that you have to sell your house at a discount. That’s it for the cons but that is something that you need to consider and see if that’s the right choice for you.  If so then fill out the form on the right and we’ll call you back or email you back with a few more questions. We will go out to walk the property and then give you an offer on the spot. The best part about doing this before everything else is you can simply decline the offer. All of the other choices you won’t be able to see what you can get until its too late.